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Our Why, What, and How


Every great thing begins with an idea. A thought. A desire to break the norms and make something different. To question how things work and where we can do better. Everything starts with "why". Here is our why.

We are constantly learning.
Every day, with every interaction in this world, we are always learning. We're truly living in an era of information. The amount of information at our fingertips is mind-boggling, and growing every day. It's never been easier to learn just about anything — but it's also never been more difficult to master it all.

In a world where we have literally billions of pieces of information available to us at any given time, it's not a matter — or even the question — of "what" we need to know; that's a no-brainer. The question is: "How do we process what we learn and make sense of it? How do we add context to what we learn and not worry about forgetting about it?"

Here's when we need to really emphasize on the why. Why is it that we struggle to remember things we learn? Why is it that we keep dozens of tabs open in the fear of losing precious information? Why are we bookmarking hundreds of tweets that we know we'll never return to? Why do we have random notes scribbled down everywhere? Why is it so difficult to put our everyday learnings in to action?

Human nature is to choose the easiest option. The one with no friction. This is what we try to do with learning. Most of us do what is convenient, and easy. We don’t like to go out of our comfort zone or break out of our routine. But this gives us a false sense of accomplishment. Picture this: you find a great resource on the internet and take a screenshot. But later you can find neither the screenshot nor the context behind saving it. That's effort gone to waste.

Before you jump to conclusions, listen — it's not your fault. It's really not. You were born into a world governed by technology, and it has shaped the way we learn. We're at the mercy of endless applications and websites that have sworn to hijack our attention. All this technology has just led to chaos, and at the end of the day, when you ask yourself "what do I really know?" is when you realize the harsh reality — mindless scrolling, falling down the rabbit hole of endless resources, and too many distractions waiting to attack you.

Your learning should be in your control.
We believe technology goes hand-in-hand with shaping meaningful experiences. Technology shouldn't hardcode the way you learn, instead, it should assist you. It should be an enabler, not a replacement. Perhaps, it should act as a companion. Do the work that is tiresome and give you all the space to learn. Something that takes care of everything so that you can focus on learning and expanding your knowledge.

This is the beginning of the end — the end of learning with no impact and structure.
We're here to change the way we learn using technology. We've gone all out to understand the problems we face in the current landscape of learning. We forget 70% of what we learn within 24 hours of learning it. We have all our information saved across different sources — some in our notes applications, some in our files, and even some in our personal WhatsApp chat! (Yes, we've all been there!). Then comes the issue of just organizing all this information. Crazily hard, right? You might find the best thread about Web3 on Twitter and the best podcast about the same topic on Spotify. How do you make the best of both? How do you cut down the clutter of having different sources, different types of information, and different methods of consuming them? Let's say you somehow, are able to learn well from these: how do you retain that information? How do you ensure that your learnings turn in to action and growth in your personal life?

You must be feeling a little overwhelmed reading this. But don't worry. We're here to fix these. For good. And forever.

Here's the truth: it's not about learning more, it's about learning efficiently so you can retain the knowledge that matters.
It's only when you remember your learnings that you can effectively use that knowledge. It's only when you retain all the information that you consume that you'll be able to change the world. Because in the end, its you and your brain VS the world. Your knowledge is what will get you to the finish line be it at school, or in your professional life, or even in everyday learning.

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Zuperly is a new way to learn. It's a different way to learn. It connects everyday learnings, allows you to build on them, and helps you put your thoughts into action.

Because we want to learn everything, experience everything, try everything. Our curiosity drives us to explore new things everyday. We want to change careers, start a business and write a novel. And sometimes this is wonderful: when we're constantly learning and growing and dreaming. But it gets frustrating when we can't see outcomes.

Zuperly drives outcome-based learning.
In fact, it's not just learning — it's the end to end cycle of self-mastery. From getting that initial thought, that inspiration to learn something new to eventually mastering the craft — that's what we're here to help you with. No matter what, when, or where you are learning — we accompany you and drive powerful outcomes.

Zuperly is a learning companion, made for you.
We're here for the long run. Because we know you are, too. Learning isn't a process spread over a couple of days. Learning is a lifetime phenomenon. We're here to help you at every step of the way. A companion that takes care of all the grunt work. Your time is limited. But with Zuperly you might feel like you're getting it back. We make sure your effort and energy result in outcomes. Because let's be real for a second — in this fast paced world, all of your effort counts. So we need to make sure it results in becoming the best and reaching your goals.

Zuperly helps you make the most of your everyday learnings by helping you retain the knowledge that matters to you.
Learning made fun, fulfilling, and lifelong — that's Zuperly.

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This is a question that has kept us up at night. But it's also the one that makes us jump out of bed each morning. In a world where learning has been so overwhelming, how do we cut the chaos? How do we redefine the way we learn?

In hindsight, the answers to these questions were quite simple. Because we realized that we can't change the way we learn. Learning happens differently for each of us. And yet, people think that there is one way of learning that fits all. This is where modern-learning technology fails. Each of us has our own brain, with our own interests, ideas, and thoughts. Not even the most advanced technology can change that for you. What we can change is the process of learning. A process that is different, yet centered around you.

Zuperly focuses on the end-to-end route of self-mastery. We've designed our platform around you. We've mapped out each step of your learning process, figured out points of friction and failure, and created seamless solutions. Here's how we did it.

Capturing resources, made seamless:
In today's era, there's no shortage of resources to learn from. We have information scattered and distributed across the internet. When your information is scattered, your learning will be too. With Zuperly, you'll be able to capture everything that's important to you and store it in one focused space for yourself. Our Chrome Extension helps you capture any information from any place on the internet and save it to Zuperly, waiting for you to take action. It will prompt you to make notes with context when you're browsing. Resource saving made so smooth and easy, it feels like butter.

Organizing your information, simplified:
We've taken away all the pain, time, and effort that goes in to organization. Because let's be real — no one has the time to go through dozens of files, folders, and resources and systematically set things up. And even if you do have the time, why not spend that time learning while Zuperly does the rest for you? We've created incredibly fast and simple systems to organize your resources. You'll never be lost in searching for something, and you can spend your time doing what you do best.

Learning, made fun:
By removing all the operational work, we've made learning a wonderfully fulfilling experience for you. Learn in beautifully designed learning spaces, built for maximum productivity and outcomes. From quick note-taking to advanced summary-making interfaces, coupled with to-do lists and calendars, we've added an entire suite of tools for all your learning needs. To help you keep at it, we've added nudges, reminders, and other features to make your experience delightful. It truly is the small things that matters — which put together will help you become a powerful learner. Keeping in mind that the most powerful learning is communal, not individual, we're also working on collaboration features where learners across the world will be able to connect, learn, and grow together.

Retention, made easy:
This is at the core of the learning experience. We focus on making sure your learnings stick with you — especially the ones that matter to you. Using a blend of gamification, science, and psychology, we've made learning retention ridiculously easy. Don't worry about learning and forgetting — our platform doesn't let that happen. We'll help you extract signal from all the noise and make best use of it.

Goals, achieved:
We turn your goals into actionable reality. We help you fight your struggles and reach the top. No more excuses — just cut-throat goal crushing.

Life, made better:
Life is better when you don't have to worry about the small things. With Zuperly, you focus on the big picture, we take care of everything else. Your learning is our winning. We're here to take you to the top. And we'll reach it together. Change the way you learn today so you can remember the knowledge that matters forever.

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