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Invite & Earn

Refer a friend, win big! Give someone a fantastic Zuperly experience, and earn money for it!

Here is how you can earn money

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Invite your network to try out Zuperly with your unique referral link

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Nudge them to sign up and complete Zuperly onboarding to unlock rewards for both

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Earn a reward for every referral you get onboarded

Frequently asked questions

We're here to help you with all your doubts, always.

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How do I refer a friend?

Share your referral link/code with your friends, family, and social media. Ask them to sign up on Zuperly with your code.

What activities are needed to unlock rewards?

To unlock a referral reward, the referee must complete the onboarding checklist on Zuperly after signing up.

What if the referee completes only half of the activity?

There will be no reward if the referee does not complete all the activities assigned.

How can I complete a referral?

A referral will be marked complete when the new / referred player completes the activity required to unlock the reward.

Can I withdraw my reward to a private wallet?

Zuperly Coins cannot be withdrawn to your private wallet.

What is the referral reward?

Both the referrer and referee will be rewarded 20 Zuperly Coins when the referee completes the onboarding checklist on Zuperly.

How can I redeem this reward?

There will be exciting redemption offers coming soon!

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