Zuperly is your unified personal knowledge hub

We've mapped out and built features for your end-to-end learning journey of motivation to mastery

Capture all your resources with our Chrome Extension

Save links, images, and text with the click of one button

Add a note, reminder, or tags to remember why you saved them

Organize your resources using tags, learning spaces, and collections

Put your resources into learning topics so never lose track of them

Create collections or add them to your favourites for easy access

Make notes and summaries alongside your resources

Summarize your learnings through notes, images, audio, video, and more

Avoid switching between apps or tabs to read and summarize together

Consume all your resources from one place

Be it articles, documents, video, or audio: consume your content from one place

Open up any kind of resource within the platform for easy consumption

Create dedicated learning spaces for the things you love

Learn 11x more efficiently in spaces specially designed for effective learning

Place your learnings on your desk or on your shelf based on your goals

Gauge your learning habits via analytics

View your learning habits at a glance via learning streaks integrated with your calendar

Access analytics and insights to help you improve the way you learn

Coming soon...

Create customized revision schedules for end-to-end learning mastery

Ramp up your work output with in-house productivity and focus games

Zuperly is a learning companion, made for you