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July 22 2022
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Work Habits to Transform your Work-life

Anushka Das

These useful work habits can truly change the way you work.

Work Habits to Transform your Work-life

Work habits are important because they define how productive you are. A considerable amount of time is spent at the workspace and it's necessary to make your work-life efficient and yet, exciting. Developing these work habits boosts confidence, reliability, teamwork, and job satisfaction. Most successful people develop these habits and lead successful careers. Here are some useful habits which can be adopted:

1. Punctuality

Being on time is about respecting the work time. It's advisable to turn up on time or even before time to work to begin your workday with determination every day. This should apply in online and offline scenarios. Remote working also requires you to punch in on time. It shows dedication and commitment to your work. Keeping schedules and a list of deadlines would help you keep track of everything. Setting reminders for important meetings can also be done. 

2. Work-Life Balance

Time management is an essential skill to own. Although spending time at work and concentrating on your tasks is important, you should focus on your hobbies and personal interests as well. Burnout while working is quite common and is counterproductive. Working overtime and not taking any breaks doesn't boost productivity and creativity. Remember to take vacations and practice your hobbies. Ensure that your schedule is well-rounded and includes all kinds of activities. 

3. Respect Deadlines

Deadlines ensure that you work on time. It is a positive habit to stick to your deadlines and work accordingly. It shows dedication and commitment towards whatever tasks you pick up. It is better to focus on the task at hand and complete your schedule well before time. Procrastination is a negative quality in the long run and the benefits are near to none. Setting realistic deadlines and adhering to them is important. Tracking the work progress and completing it on time is a mark of successful people.

4. Organization

Organisation should be inculcated in every aspect of your life. A cluttered workspace represents a chaotic mind. Clearing and setting your space would allow you to fully concentrate on the task at hand. It saves a considerable amount of time and effort. Organizations can begin small, it can include creating a realistic schedule to follow. It can include color coding and making notes. Nowadays, there are several digital tools as well which can help you work through your organization skills. They help you track deadlines and adhere to them.

5. Being Proactive

Taking initiative is a big aspect of leading a successful career. To get ahead of other professionals in your work environment, upskilling is an essential part of this. Develop new skills, and work on improving your existing skills. Don't just wait around for delegation of tasks, take control of your career and improve yourself. However, don't overburden yourself by choosing to take on more than you can. 

6. Take Criticism Well

Criticism is part of life. Instead of taking criticism as a negative thing, choose to see the brighter side. Remember that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Criticism is a way of improving your work. Your boss and seniors are only there to guide you through everything. Take their advice and work accordingly. Reacting negatively shows less emotional intelligence. 

Apply these work habits and see how they transform your work life!