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July 15 2022
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Task Management Methods

Anushka Das

Task Management is a skill which needs to be refined with time.

Task Management Methods

With the everyday hustle taking a toll on us from time to time, it becomes difficult to manage all the tasks we need to do. It is natural to feel overwhelmed and at times, even fall behind our deadlines. It naturally becomes difficult to keep a track of your tasks, in such situations a proper to-do list is essential. Task management is a skill and excelling in it takes time and experience. In this article, there are certain task management methods are highlighted. 

1. The Grocery List Method

The first method is a simple method of noting down things to do in a list. It's a popular method, mainly because it's not time-consuming and very simple. You can organize the tasks according to priority or deadlines, it can be personalized accordingly. Several applications follow this format. These applications have some useful features as well, such as setting reminders or alarms. 

However, this method doesn't help in tracking progress or managing smaller tasks within large tasks.

2. Getting Things Done(GTD)

GTD is much like the grocery list method but it has a lot more features. There are sub-lists, time management tools, and other details. It is a very effective method, described by David Allen, which consists of five basic stages in any task completion. Each project can contain several to-do lists, with reminders and sub-lists et cetera. The basic gist of GTD is to get everything in one digital domain, all the ideas and thoughts. This way, your mind is decluttered and you can focus on one task at a time. 

3. The Kanban Method

This method takes the traditional pen-paper task management to a different level. This method uses post-it notes, different highlighters, pens, labels, and pinboards and allows you to make a very detailed to-do list. Every task is color coded with additional details and deadlines. You can color code according to your preference. Fortunately for people who prefer this traditional method of task management, it is adapted to a digital form as well. It is a great method, especially in teams to track the project progress in a single glance. 

4. The Rows, Columns, and Sheets Method

The use of good old spreadsheets comes to light. Often overlooked for task management, spreadsheets can be used quite effectively for task management. Their flexible nature makes it much easier to track and evaluate the progress of each task. Several applications use the format of spreadsheets, these can easily be personalized and used in different areas of life. Not only in a professional capacity but spreadsheets can also be used for day-to-day activities as well. In a professional capacity, spreadsheets are easier to work with since you can share them with your other team members quite easily. 

5. The String-Around-The-Finger Method

At times, we need reminders to complete tasks. As the term suggests, a visual reminder to jog up your memory can be a perfect way to urge you to complete tasks. It's the simplest way to get things done and yet, extremely effective. Keeping these visual reminders right before you can act as great catalysts. These reminders can be anything, post-it notes, changing your phone wallpaper, or sticking your schedules on top of your desk. 

These are only a few methods that prove to be useful. Apply them and see if they make any difference!