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August 01 2022
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Boost your Creativity with These Tips

Anushka Das

Hasten your creative process with these tips.

Boost your Creativity with These Tips

The human mind is a treasure trove of brilliant ideas. These ideas are what make us different individuals. Our creative thinking, which is unique to every individual, helps us tackle personal and professional tasks. It helps us solve and approach problems. Creativity isn't just restricted to artists, it applies to everyone in any aspect of life. However, it is common that us to face a creative block from time to time. What do we do in such situations? 

Here are some tips to approach a creative block and how to deal with it. 

1. Commit to Creativity

Dedicate yourself to developing your creativity. Devote time to increase your creativity, set goals, and include building up your creativity in your schedule. Scientifically, it is seen that the more you use your brain, the more connections you make in the brain cells. Therefore, using active thinking for coming up with ideas regularly can be helpful. The more you exercise your brain, the more you practice your creativity. It's advisable to completely concentrate during your brainstorming sessions by getting rid of distractions like switching off the phone.

2. Record your Ideas

At times, during a creative block, we get very few ideas. In such situations, it becomes necessary to record whatever ideas come to us. Even if it's not a fully formed idea, but just a component of an idea that can be built on, it is important to record. You can use your smartphone notes app or a pocket-sized notebook to quickly jot down your ideas. You can simply capture the ideas and build on them later. You can evaluate these ideas later.

3. Challenge Yourself

Solving tasks and problems requires you to push yourself beyond your capabilities. By challenging yourself, you can go beyond your expectations. Creative thinking can be boosted in certain situations where you challenge yourself. This can be done in a competitive scenario. You can stimulate this challenging situation in your workspace. You can set a time limit for each task and try to complete it within the deadline. Try to ask yourself open-minded questions and come up with answers. Take up more challenging and different tasks which are beyond your comfort zone. 

4. Surround Yourself with Inspiration

It is advisable to surround yourself with colleagues and ideas which can promote your creativity. You can even change up your workspace and environment to make it more interesting and hasten your creative process. Stimulate your creative process. Different items work for different people, some people like to think in silence, some people like to be surrounded by nature et cetera. Maybe redecorating your office space will inspire you. 

5. Take a Different Approach

We often hit a roadblock when tackling a problem because we keep approaching it in the same way. By switching up the way we think and re-conceptualizing the problem, we may arrive at the solution. This requires creative thinking and gives you a chance to look at the problem from a different angle. 

Being creative shouldn't be forced. It is a natural and fun process. Even if you feel like you cannot come up with anything, don't give up

Try to use these tips to get your creative juices flowing.