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Zuperly is a new way to learn

 A process of new ways to learn

Zuperly is a new way to learn

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In case you're curious about the "why"

Here's what some incredible people across the globe have said about learning retention

Growth is fundamentally driven by the long-term accumulation and compounding of usable knowledge. We accumulate and compound this knowledge through consumption and retention. Consumption is the inputs—what comes in. Retention is what remains after any leakage.

Sahil Bloom

Success is the inevitable byproduct of learning (not education).


Read books that are relevant to what you want to achieve right now.  If it's relevant, you'll use it. If you use it, you'll remember it.

James Clear

The difference between a good student and a great one is that a good student is concerned more about the outcome while a great one is fascinated by the process of learning.

Prof. Feynman

Reading something (or listening to webinars/audiobooks) gives a sense of learning. But it is the act of making notes and reflecting on it multiple times (at different times) that helps in retention.

Paras Chopra

Only a few people become masters at learning skills by observing great people operating. Specially if they’ve been only good at cracking exams from a fixed set of books and questions. Great learners are masters of osmosis.

Kunal Shah

The actual way you learn: Experience --> Reflection --> Abstraction --> Action -->This is the learning loop.

Shane Parrish

The key in this world of information overload isn't curation of content instead learning effectively & retaining it well.

Rinkesh Gorasia

Markers of aging:
1- You stop learning something new
2- You talk too much about aging
3- The things you forget aren't the things you should be forgetting

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Everything you experience is a learning opportunity. Ask yourself: what is the universe trying to teach me? What can I learn from this? I’ve found it has made me a lot happier in situations I would have previously perceived as negative. Turns out you can reframe anything.

Justin Kan

Absorption: Learning material permeates deep. Solid understanding. Adsorption: Learning material forms thin film which can easily be removed. Surface level understanding.

Varun Mayya

Nothing has served me better in my long life than continuous learning.


You have two choices in life: be smug about the knowledge you have, or keep learning.

Hardik Pandya

So many kids learning from YouTube, Twitch, Instagram Stories shows you how sub-optimal education is. There are so many inspiring ways to learn. I wish I had all of this while I was growing up—I would’ve devoured it.


Our education system has made learning feel like a punishment. In reality, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences.

Tanay Pratap

Don't optimize for money. Optimize for learning.This decade:- If you learn at the expense of money, you will earn a lot more in the future than you imagined.- If you earn at the expense of learning, you will have to keep earning and learning for the rest of your life!

Ankur Warikoo

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